Zoom lecture

Zoom lecture – Pandemics and international politics 

A pandemic is a new disease that spreads worldwide. There has been many different pandemics and epidemics throughout history. Two of the pandemics are the black plague (1346- 1351) and the Spanish flu (1918-1920). World Health Organization is an organization that was founded in 1948. Their goal is to better the state of health to the world’s population.  

The FN call for a global truce. They did this so the world can focus on the corona virus instead of war. However, not all countries follow this wish.  

Corona has enormous consequences for vulnerable states. Their economy worsens and the poverty increases. Some lasting changes; from trade cooperation to customs walls and self-sufficiency. And from international cooperation to nationalism and protectionism, or to revive Internasional partnership. Corona has also worsened the power struggle between Kina and USA.  

Zoom lecture – The Kashmir conflict 

In the second part of the lecture, Monica was talking about the conflict that’s been going on in Kashmir. It is a conflict between India, Pakistan and china happening in the Northwest Himalaya. Kashmir has also been called the most dangerous and the most beautiful place in the world. But it is often a forgotten conflict.  

The splitting of the so called “big India” has brought us to two independent states, India and Pakistan. In 1948, UN tried to negotiate a peace agreement. But there were terms to achieve and maintain this peace agreement. For example, Pakistan were supposed to pull out their forces. There would be a popular vote for the people about Kashmir`s independence. After the negotiation Pakistan ended up with a 1/3 of Kashmir and India got 2/3.  

In 1965 there was a war between India and Pakistan 

The parts in the conflict each controls a part of Kashmir. India controls 45% of Kashmir, Pakistan controls 38% of Kashmir and China controls 17% of Kashmir. Some of the reasons that the conflict happened was because of the resources and the strategic placement. History and specially religion are a big and important part for the people living in Kashmir. It was lengthy brutality and human rights violations. And one last reason is that the independence increase.  

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