How Culture Drives Behaviours-Ted talk

Julien Bourrelle talks about how cultures behave differently and can therefore create misunderstandings. He argues that people walk around with cultural glasses. When we meet a person from another culture, we tend to forget that they are used to different norms. Misunderstandings can therefore quickly arise. Julien gave many examples during the lecture, one ofFortsett å lese «How Culture Drives Behaviours-Ted talk»

«The great hack» and «social dilemma»

«The great hack» is about how companies like Cambridge Analytica take peoples data and use it to promote different products. These companies can also use the information for political campaigns. For example, if you support Joe Biden you are more likely to get positive media coverage about Biden and negative about Donald Trump. The «socialFortsett å lese ««The great hack» and «social dilemma»»

“Operasjons dagsverk”

“Operasjons dagsverk” is an organization that was founded by young people. Their goal is to help people that need assistance. This year’s money goes to trauma processing, dialogue and education for refugees from South Sudan. It is important that Norwegian students take part in this project. Most students have the opportunity to take one dayFortsett å lese «“Operasjons dagsverk”»

Zoom lecture

Zoom lecture – Pandemics and international politics  A pandemic is a new disease that spreads worldwide. There has been many different pandemics and epidemics throughout history. Two of the pandemics are the black plague (1346- 1351) and the Spanish flu (1918-1920). World Health Organization is an organization that was founded in 1948. Their goal is to better the state of health to the world’s population.   The FN call for a global truce. They did this so the world canFortsett å lese «Zoom lecture»

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