Nobel Prize 2020

Goal number two is zero hunger. It is estimated that about 690 million people suffers from hunger. That is 8.9 percent of the world population. During the COVID-19 pandemic there could be 130 million more people suffering from hunger. This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the organization WFP. They were given thisFortsett å lese «Nobel Prize 2020»

Zoom lecture

Zoom lecture – Pandemics and international politics  A pandemic is a new disease that spreads worldwide. There has been many different pandemics and epidemics throughout history. Two of the pandemics are the black plague (1346- 1351) and the Spanish flu (1918-1920). World Health Organization is an organization that was founded in 1948. Their goal is to better the state of health to the world’s population.   The FN call for a global truce. They did this so the world canFortsett å lese «Zoom lecture»

Climate change

It is clear that the world’s climate is changing, and not for the better. We are facing a tremendous change as seen in Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary. We are currently releasing a big amount of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. We are the first generation that will suffer badly from climate changes. Some of theFortsett å lese «Climate change»

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